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Happy Place Packs

Geosphere Cooling Towel

Geosphere Cooling Towel

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Extreme heat can really ruin the plans you have. Keep yourself cool and comfortable with our cooling towels!

Happy Place Packs Cooling Towels are crafted with vibrant designs, allowing you to express your unique style and passions.  This product effectively works with only water and a simple flick of the towel.  You can reactivate the cooling effect several times before having to rewet.  To reactivate, simply flick the towel again and replace on that body part you wish to cool. 

The wet towel will effectively absorb body heat in hot or humid conditions. For optimal performance, these towels work best in low to medium humidity. However, they can still provide comfort in high humidity with frequent rewettings.

Towel Care: Hand wash & hang dry (Machine washing will damage the towel)

Made of 50% polyester and 50% cold silk

Dimensions: 11.8x43.3 in (30x110 cm)

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